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Letters of Recommendation

Letters of recommendation should be provided by someone who has known you long enough to write with authority, has a positive opinion of you and your abilities and has a relevant experience.

It is important for you to have worked closely with the person who will provide your letter of recommendation.

I will be happy to write a letter of recommendation for you provided you have worked in the Context and Development lab for 2 or more semesters.

If I have agreed to write a letter for you, please provide me the following information:

  1. A personal statement.
  2. Sign a waiver giving up your rights to see the recommendation letter.
  3. A sample of your written work (paper or exam).
  4. Recommendation forms.
  5. A list of addresses and deadlines.
  6. Unofficial transcript.
  7. Resume or CV.
  8. A statement indicating why you feel the experiences you had working in my lab or through courses taken with me will benefit you in the program you are applying for.
  9. Stamped envelopes, addressed to each institution (unless they require I submit online).
  10. IMPORTANT: List of when you worked here, WHAT you did, and your SUPERVISOR.
  11. Complete the “Recommender Information” section of the evaluation forms.


Please give me at least 4 weeks before your first deadline.

For more detailed information, please see the Letter of Recommendation Guidelines.